Jul 7, 2010

The SF And Fantasy Masterworks Reading Project

I am a HUGE fan of Gollancz's two series SF Masterworks and Fantasy Masterworks, especially the former. The beautiful covers and the great selection of classical works in the genre - half of which couldn't be found in other editions anymore - has made for one of the most attractive shelves among my libraries. Although there are certain flaws with the series, like the lack of certain authors (which should be blamed on rights issues I guess), and the recent changes in the design of the series, I think this is one of the worthiest endeavors in the SFF field of recent years.

That said, I was recently made aware of a new blog - The SF And Fantasy Masterworks Reading Project - in which eleven bloggers (some of which many of you know, and could be found in the list of links to the right) review the titles from both the SF and Fantasy Masterworks series. It is certainly worth checking out, and I know I'll be following it daily!

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