Jul 22, 2010

The Malazan Book of the Fallen is oficially done!

Via Facebook:

GASP! That would be me, coming up for air. How long was I down there? About twenty years, from conception to completion. The Malazan Book of the Fallen is done. Sure, editing and all that crap to follow. But ... done. I don't know who I am. Who am I again? What planet is this? Three months of butterflies ... maybe this double whiskey will fix that. Hmm. No. Delayed reaction going on here.

Congratulations to Steve! It's a major achievement finishing a series of such magnitude in such a short time. SOME authors should take note...

The Crippled God is expected on 20 Jan 2011 in the UK, and on 22 Feb 2011 in Canada (and possibly the US).

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