Jul 8, 2010

Scott Bakker talks White-Luck Warrior and beyond

R. Scott Bakker wrote on his blog that he is now in the polishing stage of a fully written The White-Luck Warrior. He has also changed the title of the third Aspect Emperor novel to The Unholy Consult (previously The Horns of Golgoterath). Last but not least, he announced that the recently released White-Luck cover is only a stand-in for the ARCs, and will, hopefully, be replaced with something that doesn't look like - to quote Bakker - a POV shot of his childhood.

Meanwhile, the author expressed his optimism that he will reach the end of the journey that The Second Apocalypse has turned out to be. Bakker also seems sure now that the third and last series in the cycle is going to be a duology.

Man, I can't wait for The White-Luck Warrior to be released!

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