May 2, 2011

Game of Thrones, Episode 3 - Lord Snow

Episode 3 is just as big an improvement compared to Episode 2 as it was compared to Episode 1. Covering the events from Ned's arrival in King's Landing to Arya's first "dancing" lessons, its pacing is beyond perfect. Of the four major storylines only the one in King's Langing is given any significant time, introducing the members of the Little Council (and yes, Aidan Gillen is exactly as awesome as Petyr Baelish as the trailers promised) and further developing Jamie and Cersei Lannister's characters. Lena Headey has two more emotional scenes that further distance her Cersei from the literary original, but I am beginning to fall madly in love with this version, so I'd say it's working out fine.

The other three arcs don't progresses much, and Bran's has only a few minutes long cameo, but with barely three scenes we get a very strong sense of what life on the Wall is like through Jon's eyes. The one weak spot for me remains the Dothraki storyline. Emilia Clarke is without doubt the perfect Daenerys, but her brother Viserys has so little screen time that his outburst in this episode should come out of the blue for anyone who hasn't read the book and isn't familiar with the character.

Still, a great episode. I no longer have any doubts regarding the quality of this show. Game of Thrones is HBO at its best, and next Sunday can't come soon enough!

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