May 21, 2011

A big Dance With Dragons update

George Martin has posted a massive update on his site in which he sheds a lot of light on the upcoming Dance With Dragons.

A few key points:

- The book will be slightly shorter than A Storm of Swords.
There are 73 chapters, told from 16 viewpoints.
- Sansa, Sam, Aeron Damphair, Arianne, and Brienne have no chapters in the book.
- There will be new POVs, some of them of new characters, introduced here.
- Of the 73 chapters, 35 are dedicated to Jon, Daenerys and Tyrion.
- Of the rest, a large chunk is given to a character "who has been missing for a couple of books, but now returns to us... rather the worse for wear".
- The pre-editor trimming Martin did cut down the size almost 80 pages!
- A few chapters have been redirected to The Winds of Winter.

Read the whole post, it is worth your time, and definitely whets the appetite for Dance. As if said appetite needs any more whetting...

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