Jun 23, 2011

More News on HBO's American Gods

Mad Hatter sheds some more light on the upcoming HBO show American Gods, based on Neil Gaiman's book.

First and foremost Neil mentioned that the first season of the HBO adaptation of American Gods will be comprised of the whole of the novel. Given that it has been discussed that there are plans for 6 seasons Neil will be providing a lot more information. The idea that the “Monarch of the Glen” being made part of the series seems likely as well. Plus Neil said there are at least two more stories about Shadow’s time in Europe that take place after Monarch and before the events of the planned sequel to American Gods. Neil briefly discussed the shorts and seemed interested in getting to them sooner than later. He also brought up what he calls “The American Gods Sequel Box,” which includes Bigfoot, a possible appearance by Jesus, and a tiny town in Florida founded by Spiritualist in the 20s comprised of lots of tarot reading shops. It is apparently a real thing.

Sounds good to me. Plus, Gaiman has worked in TV before, so if he is in control of the project the way Martin is with Game of Thrones, it should turn out to be a really good show.

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