Jun 6, 2011

Game of Thrones, Episode 8 - The Pointy End

The new episode finally pushes the plot ahead, and pushes it big time. By making quick jumps ahead and dispensing with all the logistics of travel, The Pointy End sees the effects of Ned Stark's attempt at revealing the truth of Joffrey's parentage spread throughout the Realm. Rob Stark calls the banners and the North begins marching on King's Landing, but the twin armies of Tywin and Jaime Lannister are barring the way. Arya is a runaway, her future uncertain, while Sansa is held hostage by the Queen, to be used as a leverage against the Starks. And on the other side of the sea, events are set in motion that would set Daenerys on her journey towards her destiny.

The Pointy End is among the best episodes in the season so far. All the major players see enough screen time, and the changes - like the missing Brynden Tully, the reason for Drogo's wound and the completely erased mini-arc with Jon's attempt at running away from the wall - actually strengthen the plot. Tyrion's savages are adorable, Bronn proves to be just as cool as he originally promised to be, and even Cersei's constant constipation is somehow appropriate for her scenes. The star of the episode however is Richard Madden. His Robb Stark shows more backbone and determination than even the book gave him, and the interaction with his mother is beautifully subtle (not in small measure due to Michelle Fairley's superb acting).

So, the end draws near and everything is set for the grand finale. Two more weeks and we'll know if the hype was worth it.

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