Apr 16, 2011

A sad Game of Thrones review

The New York Times has failed miserably in getting the point of HBO's Game of Thrones. And no, I'm not just saying that because I'm blindly defending a show I haven't even seen. Just look at the review on their website.

Here is some select beauty from that abortion:

The true perversion, though, is the sense you get that all of this illicitness has been tossed in as a little something for the ladies, out of a justifiable fear, perhaps, that no woman alive would watch otherwise. While I do not doubt that there are women in the world who read books like Mr. Martin’s, I can honestly say that I have never met a single woman who has stood up in indignation at her book club and refused to read the latest from Lorrie Moore unless everyone agreed to “The Hobbit” first. “Game of Thrones” is boy fiction patronizingly turned out to reach the population’s other half.

When the network ventures away from its instincts for real-world sociology, as it has with the vampire saga “True Blood,” things start to feel cheap, and we feel as though we have been placed in the hands of cheaters. “Game of Thrones” serves up a lot of confusion in the name of no larger or really relevant idea beyond sketchily fleshed-out notions that war is ugly, families are insidious and power is hot. If you are not averse to the Dungeons & Dragons aesthetic, the series might be worth the effort. If you are nearly anyone else, you will hunger for HBO to get back to the business of languages for which we already have a dictionary.

Talk about... no, I don't even know what is happening in this review so I don't know what we're talking about...


  1. Pathetic, really. Just another genre fiction basher.

  2. This is a marvelous piece of work. I'm sorry if some people don't find it enjoyable I thought it was great, the first episode was a little slow just because you have to meet all these people, which any show is going to do, just most shows only have a few characters, this one has many. Working nights at DISH I get to save the episode for early morning, but having it on the DVR allows me to rewind and make sure I catch everything the is flying over my head. But I also saw this morning on DISH online that HBO GO is featuring all the episodes, so if you subscribe to HBO you can watch online as well. http://bit.ly/dJzWgo