Apr 3, 2011


It's not that I hated Battle: LA (Review), but somehow it really pissed me off. So when I stumbled upon this here post by Adam Roberts, I just had to reblog it. Here it is:

My review of Battle: LA is over on Strange Horizons now. In sum: 'So, yes, my preening, effete European liberal view is that this is not a good movie. Some of the design work is pretty cool—both the aliens themselves and their various craft—and very occasional moments of tension or excitement can be found within the relentless hammerdrill monotony ... But one explosion is very much like another, and ten thousand rifle rounds slamming into metal alien war machinery is nine thousand, nine hundred and twenty too many for dramatic effectiveness. Speaking roughly.'

I did think of making mock of the film's almost literally blah titular acronym, 'BLA'. But then I remembered that my next novel will have precisely this acronym. Which made me realise what a dignified and effective acronym it is, actually.

Follow the link and read the whole review - I promise you it's well worth the time!

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