Feb 15, 2011

On the sacrilige of going off-Tolkien...

While browsing Pat's blog, I found this article, titled The Bankrupt Nihilism of Our Fallen Fantasists by Leo Grin from Big Hollywood. I found it extremely amusing in its fanboyish indignation and intellectual constipation, and would urge you to proceed with all due haste and read it. Hilarity and merriment are to be had! Here's an excerpt:

In the case of the fantasy genre, the result is a mockery and defilement of the mythopoeic splendor that true artists like Tolkien and Howard willed into being with their life’s blood. Honor is replaced with debasement, romance with filth, glory with defeat, and hope with despair. Edgy? Nah, just punk kids farting in class and getting some giggles from the other mouth-breathers.

Ah, the innocent joy of people being wrong on the internet...

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