Dec 13, 2011

Game of Thrones Season 2: First trailer

YES! The cold winds are rising!

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  1. Game of Thrones is the best series to come out in 2011; the only problem I could find with the show is that the season was too short. I think that they could have gone into a lot more detail if they would have gone to 13 episodes, but that just might be my wild mind thinking again. My only hope for season 2 is that Joffrie’s head finds it way to the top of pike; it would serve him right for everything he did to people in the first season, well maybe some of them. I will give the series this, the first episode I was bombed with characters, a lot of which are now dead. At least I didn’t have to remember them for long and now I get to learn a new batch of people that won’t make it through the season. I can’t see this season not surpassing the first season, now that they know what works they can improve upon that to get that hook in deeper in our cheek. Now that I have seen the trailer, I am thinking of watching season one again just to refresh my head with everything that happened and everyone they killed off but luckily, HBO is nice enough to have them all available to subscribers. It used to be just on HBO GO, or on DISH online for me, but now my DISH remote access app has been updated to watch all HBO content on demand on my iPad no matter where I am, so that will come in handy since I use that app daily. Also working nights at DISH, I can stay caught up without having to wait until I get home since HBO posts episodes right after they air.