Aug 18, 2011

Game of Thrones Season 2 casting: More casting news

First of all, sorry for not posting. I took a trip to Chicago, and somehow I never had enough time to blog. But now I'm back, very much not dead, and it's time for the next dose of GoT casting news via The Wertzone.

Kerr Logan will play Davos Seaworth's third son Matthos who accompanies him on his ship. Probably a minor role, but at least the boy looks good...

Roy Dotrice - famous for his audio book reads (including ASoIF books 1-3 and 5) - was supposed to play Grand Maester Pycelle in the first season of the show, but health issues prevented him from doing it. Now he is cast as Hallyne, the head of the Guild of Alchemists in King's Landing. Another minor role, although the character might get more screen time than he originally had in the book.

I am a huge fan of the first two seasons of the UK tv show Skins, and so I'm happy that a second actor from its cast joins this project (the first one being Joe Dempsie as Gendry). Hannah Murray's character Cassy was one of the most compelling in that show so it's sad that she has been given the very minor role of Gilly - Craster's pregnant wife-daughter. Still, the role isn't completely meaningless, so I can't wait to see what Murray's gonna do with it.

Craster himself will be played by Robert Pugh. Yet another British actor who has played in everything ever, including everybody's favorite Doctor Who. I love Craster in the books and can't wait to see how he'll look in the show.

Another pretty boy (and I just couldn't resist putting that pic - I mean, look at the kid's jeans!), Karl Davies will be playing the new character "Alton Lannister". Rumour has the guy replacing Cleos Frey - Jaime's cousing who keeps delivering messages between Robb Stark and King's Landing - but it is as yet unconfirmed, and considering Davies' looks and Cleos' role in the books, it seems kind of unlikely to me. Anyway, we'll see.

Ben Crompton is set to play everybody's favorite Dolorous Edd. The Night's Watch brother who keeps bemoaning his sad fate is one of the few comic relief characters in the series, so Crompton better deliver!

Last but not least, Michael McElhatton will be playing Roose Bolton. The Lord of the Dreadfort is an important character, and leaves a very strong impression in the books. McElhatton has the looks, but this role will be dependent on his acting, so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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