Mar 10, 2011

Reprints, special editions and tie-ins of Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire

It's been a crazy month for A Song of Ice and Fire News, what with the show coming soon, and the release date for A Dance With Dragons. Now Bantam Spectra has announced the rerelease covers (which are basically the UK art with a "HEY, BTW THERE IS A SHOW BASED ON THIS!!!" line on top), and Winter is Coming has dug up the cover of the show tie-in edition of A Game of Thrones (look above) which looks positively fantastic, and for the first time in my life I am sorely tempted to actually double dip on a tie-in just for the artwork. And finally, Subterranean are planning a reissue of the limited editions of the first two books, which, thankfully, I find positively hideous and am therefore not tempted by.

So yeah, it's nice being a fan right now.

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