Oct 7, 2010

Avatar: Special Edition announced

Amazon has the collector's extended edition of James Cameron's Avatar up for pre-order. After the mockery that the previous edition was, fans are finally getting what this particular movie deserved all along. In a grossly overpriced format of course, but for those of us who were firm in our beliefs and said NO to double dipping and Fox's infinite greed, it is the only edition. I completely ignored the previous "VHS"-ed., and I am hoping many of you did the same.

The Collector's Edition of Avatar comes to DVD and BD on November 16


  1. And yet another edition is planned for next year with even more footage re-integrated into the film, they're triple dipping.

  2. You know this for a fact? I hadn't heard of that.

  3. Pretty sure I read it on DarkHorizons.com and he's usually spot on.