Aug 24, 2010

The X-men: First Class movie is slated... to be utterly bad

I rarely go out of my way to proclaim gloom and doom for movies, but the new info that came out a few days ago, concerning the upcoming X-men: First Class (directed by Matthew Vaughn) is really making it impossible to keep quiet. I get that people in Hollywood don't want to follow the comic books exactly. It's a smart move, and I'm all for that, especially considering how follow-unworthy a lot of those comic books are. But honestly - making the movie take place in the 60s, with no Scott and Jean, and having Emma Frost be the same age as the Professor, thus completely skewering any sort of continuity... it just borders on absurd. Why even use those characters, if they are not going to have anything in common with their original relationships? Also - yes, we get that the Professor and Magneto were friends and allies, but later their different world views teared them apart. Could we possibly move on now? How many movies exactly does it have to take before producers get it into their thick skulls that there are other important characters in the X-men universe?

However this goes, X-men: First Class seems determined to not have anything in common with the comic books, which makes me wonder why even bother. It's not like the movies depend on the original medium to make cash, it has actually been the other way around for years. So why not make the fans happy and give them a story that resonates with the comic books they love for a change? Is it too much to ask?

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