Jun 27, 2010

Of this and that...

I was wondering how to start this post. Obviously I didn't think of anything smart, as evidenced by this viciously uninspired beginning. I have been around a while (less than I try to make it seem), and it suddenly hit me like a headshot! There were NOT enough blogs on the Internet! So, being a responsible person (shut up, I am!), I decided to do my share and start writing about what I like most. Which is Fantasy and SF literature.

There's nothing more to it, really. I've been writing reviews for almost a decade now - in online sites and hard-copy magazines - and taking up blogging suddenly felt like the thing to do. Whether I have the patience to post regularly, or whether I'll turn out to suck at it, remains to be seen... uh... read. I plan on posting reviews of books (old and new) and sometimes movies or some such, plus other things, when the mood strikes.

So, if it turns out that you find something on this blog that you like, let me know. Let someone else know too. It would really mean a lot to me!

Also, I'm not a native speaker. Be nice!

1 comment:

  1. Can't guarantee I'll be nice, but I'll keep an eye - I've always taken advice on stuff to read from you, so this will only make it easier ;)